Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sooooo cute!

I thought I'd pop by me ol' wee blog and share the sweetest pic I've ever laid eyes is no secret that I adore chow chows, and there is nothing more precious on the planet than a chow chow puppy.....but this wee lil' pup needed protectin' as he was only 6 weeks old and frightened of everything! Unbelieveably, the RABBIT...(French lop-eared rabbit) took him under her "ear" so to speak, and cuddled him and cared for him and the puppy never whined again, or tried to run away!

Now isn't that the sweetest thing you've seen or heard? The photo is from an old magazine and i've had it on my fridge forever....time to clean up, but before it goes in the bin, I had to share it with the way, the photo is called "The Baby Sitter"! (I just KNOW Debra will love it!)